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Double Wall Sockets (UK)

Double Wall Sockets (UK)

SKU: 1031

HB Labs Hi-Fi wall sockets are elegantly designed and made to a high standard.


Electrical mains supply has an important role in audio reproduction; usually mains power cables get upgraded on a quest  to achieve improvents and yet, changes are very minimal to none.


HB Labs wall sockets create an infinte power source, capable of maintaining a continuous electricity transmission. Thick aluminium plates act as a cooling mechanism and an Earth Bar for the sockets.

Pins contact material is Pure Copper, polished and beautifully plated. Grounding points consist of a professionally terminated 6mm² Silver Plated OCC wire.


The Double wall sockets undergo Deep Cryo Treatment (DCT) at -190℃ for 48 hours. The process  expands molecules particles forming macroscopic crystals. During DCT, atoms and molecules bind together with well-defined angles to form a characteristic crystal shape with a smooth surface. Newly formed, aged particles decrease the thin gaps within the metal components. The artifacts in the electrical current, sometimes referred to as noise get supressed leading to a better overall perfomance.


Technical Details



  • DWCu01


  • Pure Copper

Contact Plating                

  • Gold Plated


  • Aluminium (brushed)


  • H 86mm/L 146mm/W 8.2mm /D 19mm

Maximum Wire                

  • 6mm²

Rated Voltage                    

  • 250V


  • 13A

Crimping Connector      

  • HBLCU01


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