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HB Labs NEMA Connector Al Gold Plated(US)

HB Labs NEMA Connector Al Gold Plated(US)

SKU: 1029

HB Labs NEMA are manufactured to the highest standards.


Why Aluminium connectors? Al is very conductive and unreactive to a magnetic force, this makes it an excellent shield against EMF and RFI.

The production of connector shells involves long CNC hours, hand polishing, inspection and a final stage of aluminium plating over aluminium. The plating process enhances corrosion-barrier and provides a beautiful uniform finish to all produced parts.

HB Labs Transparent Plastic Pins Head is broadly used for production of bulletproof shields. It is very tough and provides lowest possible vibration properties, the heat self-ignition is 550℃ and a very low dielectric of 3, this ensures very minimal interference between the conductors and EMI/RFI.

NE AlCu01 uses high purity (99.998%) copper contacts. The pins are hand polished individually to a mirror finish; the process provides a perfect surface required for an optimal electrical path. Pins contact material is Pure Copper (Cu remains 2nd best conductive element), hand polished and beautifully plated.


HB Labs NEMA is suitable for the best Hi-Fi mains power cables.


Technical Details 



  • NE AlCu01


  • Pure Copper 

Contact Plating                

  • Gold Plated


  • Aluminium


  • H 62mm/⌀ 40mm/L 82.5mm

Maximum Wire ⌀            

  • 4.5mm

Supported Cable ⌀          

  • 6mm-18mm

Rated Voltage                    

  • 125VAC


  • 15 Amps

Crimping Connector      

  • HBLCu01 (sold separetly)
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