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Audimaxim Bach Horn Loudspeakers

Audimaxim Bach Horn Loudspeakers

SKU: 1035

Audimaxim engineers have always had a particular preference for horn type loudspeakers. Aesthetically pleasing, a work of art which is kind of loose yet strong with unique, atmospheric sound reproduction capabilties.

The Bach Horn loudspeakers offer wide frequency response, extremely exciting dynamic range that causes goosebumps. However, how to make these highly sensitive horn tweeters to produce a delicate and elegant timbre sound like the soft dome diaphragm, reduction and balancing of the intermodulation distortion caused by high compression ratio of horn treble is a challenging task.

The work took about four years of hard labour, research and multiple testings. Audimaxim engineers have developed 75mm Beryllium Tweeter driver mounted on linear waveguide horn, and ultra low distortion 16 inch Paper Cone Woofer consisting of lightweight linear displacement rubber overhanging edge.

Geometrical design perfectly combines the advantages of horn and traditional loudspeakers, resulting an incomparable sound quality and beautiful hand finished loudspeakers.


Technical Specification


Model Name                      

  • Bach

Driver Components        

  • 75mm Beryllium Horn driver / 16" Woofer

Frequency Response      

  • 20Hz to 20KHz±3dB



  •  99dB

Minimum AMP requirement

  • 5W


  • High Gloss Paint


  • 1148H/574W/732D (mm)

Net weight                          

  • 90kg/ each

Gross weight                      

  • 124kg/each
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