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HB Labs Hybride Loudspeaker Cables

HB Labs Hybride Loudspeaker Cables

SKU: 1007

HB Labs Hi-Fi Hybrid Loudspeaker cables are handmade to perfection and provide an impeccable  performance.


The heavy duty PVC insulation offers true dielectric properties: musical background is silent, sound stage widened and amplifier low extension grip is uninterrupted or limited.

The cable utilizes unique features, which actively multiply and speed up electrons; this design forces electrons to travel in multiple paths, creating a very fast signal transmission. Hybrid cables are heavy, hence recommended for floor standing loudspeakers.

Hybrid cables act as two unique loudspeaker cables, creating a possibilty to swap conductor materials between Positive and Negative terminals to meet a listener's preference.




Positive 8mm² Silver Plated OCC, Wires = 3mm² x 2 + 2mm²

Negative 8mm² plain OCC, Wires = 3mm² x 2 + 2mm²

Teflon Insulation rated at 600V


Technical Details



  • Hybrid SPK

Overall Diameter          

  • 18mm


  • Rhodium Plated Spade 


  • OCC and Silver Plated OCC


  • 2 Meters

Insulation Jacket          

  • Clear PVC


  • 20℃ ≤ 6.63Ω/Km
  • Spade Connectors

    Rhodium Plated CMC Connectors

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