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Zeta Zero Pyramid Orbital

Zeta Zero Pyramid Orbital

SKU: 1037

The “Orbital360” solution eliminates harmful sound directivity subjected to ordinary loudspeaker systems. Zeta Zero columns does not radiate energy in the form of a concentrated beam that strikes listeners ears. Omnidirectional ribbon transducers are capable of filling the listening room evenly with acoustic energy, which means no unpleasant “sweet spot” effect.

Each loudspeaker has over, 1000 kg Neodymium Magnets pulling force driving the Ribbon tweeter and midrange drivers. The down firing woofers packs a punch, enabling modestly mid-sized speakers to become giant slayers.

When developing Orbital loudspeakers, Mr Tomasz Rogula has spent years in the recording studios, recording and producing music. He learned the playback was far different to listening to musicians live performance.  Limitations due to harmful accumulation of energy in front of the loudspeakers or negative equalization of frequency bands to either side of the loudspeakers, “dipole effect” on bass, typically affecting electrostatic loudspeakers. The scientific research has led to Zeta Zero Orbital Initiative program: listening experience of musical realism, and 3D sound stage. There is no sweet spot, music pressure fills the entire room, listeners have the freedom of movement and socialize while listening to favourite recordings. 




Technical Specification


Model Name                      

  • Pyramid Orbitals 360

Driver Components        

  • Ribbon Technology

Frequency Response      

  • 20Hz to 50KHz±3dB


  • 4 ohms


  •  92dB


  • 300W or 500W


  • High Gloss or Matt Finnish


  • 1400H/420W/420D (mm)


  • Active or Passive   
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